Home Office Highway ’09: Remote Work Tools & a Road Warrior in Prep Mode

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Jeff @ work at the dinette workspace in Home Office Highway 09.

Jeff @ work at the dinette workspace in Home Office Highway ’09.

This article previous appeared on Chief Home Officer. Cloud computing, location independence, the “Anywhere Office…” Whatever it’s known by, remote work done beyond the traditional and home office liberates millions of workers every year. Already, countless teleworkers are untethered to work. And more agile remote work strategies and policies ould free even more to explore boundless opportunities – if they knew and used the tools needed to explore this New Way to Work.

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Teleworkers, Self-Employed Set Up the New Home Office

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After three decades in the work-at-home experience, my home office has been a model, functional, and efficient workspace that has evolved as my needs and family have changed. What image do you get of the successful, well-equipped home office for a contract writer or a teleworker? Trust me, my office – and anyone’s home office – is not the stuff of an IKEA Spring catalog. The only prerequisite is that it fits your home, your style, your employment situation – and your creature comfort needs.

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Home Office Round-Up: Tax & Location Independence Day

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June 30th, 2012 1 Comment »

Can you work from the dinette of an RV? Location independence is the New Way to Work.

Can you work from the dinette of an RV? Location independence is the New Way to Work.

Just heard about a great concept: Location Independence.

Sure, this “Digital Nomadry” is really nothing new. Ever since telework took off in the late 1990s and post 9-11, American workers and employers discovered that work is a thing, NOT a place. Location independence is just giving a catchy name to a The Anywhere Office. It could be a beach house on The Jersey Shore, a cottage in the hills of Northern Ontario, or an RV tooling down the Interstate as part of Home Office Highway.

As the people at Freelance Switch discussed recently, freelancers worldwide have long aspired to take their business with them and hit the road.?But planning and prep work are needed to work remotely.

And a fair amount of tech (including my killer new Verizon MiFi broadband wireless adapter) — and IT understanding.

As Lea Woodward discussed, how will you get access to your bank account? How will you keep in touch with clients? How will you get new business? What about cell phones, time zones, internet access, and office equipment? In her session?Build a Location Independent Business Course, Woodward explores location independent work in X Marks The Spot.?Sounds like the stuff of Tim Ferriss in Four Hour Work Week.

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Keeping Kinder Busy in the Home Office

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About 16 years ago, I realized a pressing need in our home office: I couldn’t fit then toddler Nicole’s growing mobility and demands for interaction into my weekday workflow.

She was rambunctious and demanding. I was harried and prone to plop her in front of the tube for an afternoon of Disney movies or Barney.

So I quickly devised some solutions. They worked for Nicole, Zachary and Zoe. Today, the kids are self-sufficient (they can turn on Hannah Montana or SportsCenter all by themselves).

But with the kids back in school — and home before you’re ready to close up the shop, WebWorkerDaily writer Meryl Evans has a look at “Surviving After-School Time: Meet Deadlines and Keep Your Kids Happy“. Read More »

Home Office Round-Up: Insurance & The Right Space

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An often overlooked — yet important — issue for home-based business owners and even teleworkers is finding insurance for your home office and home-based business.

Health, business contents, even Errors & Omissions coverage can be vital to running a healthy business. Some clients even require professional liability insurance — should you goof up and leave them on the hook.

For those venturing out to start a home-based business, check out this Examiner articles on Finding Insurance. For more stories on the topic, look here. Another article discusses how home offices will thrive amid healthcare reform. Here’s another that explains different types of coverages.

Another tip: Regularly price and reprice your insurance (home, health, auto, etc.), and if you carry riders for your home office, check those prices, too. Sometimes, your homeowners policy will suffice, assuming you don’t have business visitors and your policy covers computers and the like used for a business at home.

Another form of “health” related to the home office is the space in which we work. In this Workspace of the Week, Unclutterer looks at Katie Scrapbook Lady‘s home office/craftroom / homeschool room / scrapbook room / sewing room / creative space. Not exactly cozy,? but ideal for enhancing productivity. Pretty nifty set-up, if you can afford the space…

U.K.-based Home Offices & Telework Get Nod in Remote Work Awards

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September 11th, 2009 2 Comments »

Remote Worker Awards highlight how remote, home working and telework benefits the environment, productivity and quality of life.

Remote Employment, the website for flexible and home-based jobs, today announced the winners of the Remote Worker Awards 2009 in association with BT Business.

Chief Home Officer was the only U.S.-based judge for this event, reviewing scores of applications to help determine the winners.

The Remote Worker Awards recognise the achievements of people who work from home or remotely and their employers. Remote and home working can provide benefits not available to traditional place-of-work employment. Read More »

Listen Up: Want to Home Office From Anywhere? Get Your Broadband, a Netbook & a New Way of Looking at Work

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Can you work from anywhere? Home Office Highway sought to explore The Anywhere Office concept – and prove that with the right tools, almost anyone can work from almost anywhere.

Whether you’re a home-business owner or a teleworker, what do you need? Broadband Internet, a computer (laptop or netbook, ideally), and a healthy dose of understanding from family, friends, peers and co-workers.

Click Below to listen in as Jeff is debriefed by Jason and Phil Montero of The Anywhere Office following the summer road show that was Home Office Highway.

Home Office Highway / The Anywhere Office Debrief, No. 1

Home Office Round-Up: Death of Phone Tag, and The Perfect Space

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August 30th, 2009 1 Comment »

The home office is what you make of it.

The home office is what you make of it.

The home office is an evolving space. It’s gone from the kitchen or dining room table to a room all its own. It’s gone from hand-me-down computers, to high-powered PCs and Macs dedicated to business productity.

This week we look at space and tech that help move the home-based teleworker and entrepreneur toward a more productive, professional existence.

What’s your “favorite space”? This article from highlights one home officer’s favorite space in her home. It’s her home office. But can you say the same? If not (not because you have a room you appreciate or like more but because your home office just isn’t doing it for you), then maybe a home office make-over is in order.

Here’s another take. The home office cannot always resemble the Corporate America corner office. Lifehacker takes a look at a right-sized home office — that’s lacking for nothing that makes this home officer productive. Read More »

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