Home Office, Small Business: Thanks for the Level Landscape

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November 24th, 2009 No Comments »

Here’s an interesting take on Thanksgiving from the people at My Business

If you run a growing small business, home-based business, home office or even telework or are a telecommuter, you may appreciate (and nod knowingly at) the following list of Five Resources and Realities that have helped many small businesses and home offices flourish:

1. THE INTERNET: Small business owners should first give a BIG thanks to Internet. Internet and web-based technologies have been a HUGE enabler for small business growth. Websites, emails, search engines, online stores, contextual advertising, are just to name a few. Read More »

Dispelling Four Myths of Home Office / Small Business Ownership

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October 18th, 2009 1 Comment »

My friend, Jim Blasingame, is a pretty astute small business theorist — whether home office or small business. His recent thoughts seem fairly spot-on as people seek self-employment as a recession salvation.

“As the economy recovers, you’re likely to meet a starry-eyed human babbling on about becoming a business owner.

“Probing for the object of this person’s entrepreneurial infatuation will precipitate the what, where, how and when questions and, finally, the most important question: Why do you want to own a business? Answers to this last question, unfortunately, often produce what I call, “The Myths of Small Business Ownership.” Here are four:

Myth 1: When I’m an owner, I’ll be my own boss. Read More »

Where Clouds Persist: Spring Cleaning and Other Home Office Uses for Cloud Computing

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April 5th, 2009 1 Comment »

Your prized stuff today may be digitized data tomorrow.

Your prized stuff today may be digitized data tomorrow.

Clothes hanging on the back of your home office furniture.

CDs piled up on your desk. Books, magazines and stuff on shelves. Clipped print articles awaiting scanning to PDF and burning to even more CDs.

How can you ever spring clean your home office? Look to the clouds. And rethink your media.

Social media expert Adam Singer (The Future Buzz) had this take in his blogpost, Digital is the Master Copy: “For photography, graphics, movies, documents, music, newspapers – essentially all media — the digital is the master copy.? It actually has been like this for years, but until recently the end user not had direct access.? Now that everyone not only has access to the master copy, but tools which make manipulating it simple, the master copy is by far the most valuable.? It is easily backed up, thrown into the cloud, organized, shared, sorted and searchable, making it far more useful…. Read More »

What Can Twitter Do For You (or Your Small or Home Business)?

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March 23rd, 2009 No Comments »

I was speaking with a senior communications manager from a Fortune 500 company recently.

Among other things, we were discussing his recent forays into Twitter (if you’ve lived in a cave since mid-2008, Twitter is a social media / micro-posting tool where you say something in 140 characters or less).

The manager hadn’t tweeted much, but what he was tweeting was under a simple moniker related not to his business skills or expertise, but to his alma mater.

Bad move, I said. Twitter can be a great brand-building tool. It can establish a person — employee, business owner, home office worker, teleworker or telecommuter — as an expert, or a company as a leader in its field. Use Facebook or simple emails for Mom & Friends. Twitter can empower your business and brand.

In a recent blog post, social media and marketing watcher Owen Frager highlighted the business power of Twitter. Spawning some commentary from a recent discussion from LinkedIn — “Reasons why Twitter might be right for your business” — Owen noted how the commentary had received more than 120 comments.

He distilled the strongest themes into 20 simple points on how companies are gaining an advantage by using Twitter. His take: “What we were see is that although Twitter is strong in news and social interaction, it is playing a fundamental role in giving a number of companies a competitive edge during challenging economic times. How? By:

– Creating access to new customers.

– Receiving customer and public feedback that leads to more successful sales. And

– Opening networking opportunities with contacts companies wouldn’t have had access to.

The following — in Owen’s humble opinion — were the strongest themes many companies said they’re enjoying as they’ve learned how to grasp the culture, grow their followers, and when needed apply external technology tools that simplifies the vast amounts of information: Read More »

What’s in a Name? Everything, If It’s Your Future Small / Home Business

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January 30th, 2009 No Comments »

man-with-yy-tshirtxWhen I went to name Home Office Highway, I went through scores of possible titles.

The Untethered Office (what the heck is “untethered,” I envisioned people wondering). The Home Office Road Show (cool, but not enough to the point). The Anywhere Office (again, not poignant enough, and already taken). It took months to decide, which held up design of the logo, the Website and all marketing.

Chief Home was another story; it was practically handed to me (or told, as the case may be). I was being interviewed, and the reporter said, “These ‘home officers’ are among a growing breed of yadda yadda…” He had me at Home Officers.

I tossed on “Chief.” I checked to see if the domain was available. It was. I grabbed it. And we were off.

As small business expert Terri Lonier explores in this week’s issue of The Working Solo Minute, “Naming Your Solo Business” is a big deal. It touches on marketing and branding, legal and financial, and long-term growth of your enterprise. She says… Read More »

From the Home Office to Leno / NBC to Madison Ave., Hold On: Media’s Changing

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December 10th, 2008 1 Comment »

There’s a sad and exciting truth taking shape on the media landscape: The Internet is feasting on traditional media, and we’re all in a position to prosper.

I moderate the weekly Webinars on Owen Frager’s, a Website and community for those corporate and home officers working in the Website domain space. For the uninitiated, we’re not talking about “squatters,” or people who buy trademarked names then hold them for ransom. These cats are business folk savvy enough to buy names that mean something, that have value, and that can be developed into powerful — and powerfully lucrative — business models.

Two examples are Michael and David Castello, founders of Castello Cities Internet Network Inc., and pioneers in the domain space. Among their 1,000-name portfolio are, and But they’ve made their mark developing geodomains, like, and Think these are just names? Their debut geo site — -– launched the geodomain category in 1995, and today generates more than $750,000 a year in front-page ad revenue alone.

Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Where do you think those ad dollars were spent one year ago? Read More »

Home Office Pioneer: Domainer Recalls ‘Outing’ by Daughter

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December 1st, 2008 1 Comment »

Kelly Lieberman is a serial entrepreneur, domain strategist and a devoted mom. And she remembers vividly the day her daughter, Lily, “outed” her as a work-at-home parent

Lily was in first grade. She was asked to draw a picture of what her parents did for a living, and what she would like to do when she grew up.

During the parent-teacher conference, Kelly and husband Joe say pictures of Joe in a suit at his desk with a computer, Lily as a princess, and Kelly in a night gown with a laptop on a bed.

“I was mortified,” Kelly recalls. “Thank goodness everyone knew me.” Read More »

With Corporate Layoffs, Tips to Joining the Home Office Set

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November 25th, 2008 1 Comment »

Citi just whacked 50,000 jobs. DHL turfed 10,000.

Look around you – the landscape is littered with pink slips. Retailers, from Ann Taylor to Eddie Bauer,? CompUSA, Macy’s, Movie Gallery, Pacific Sunwear, Pep Boys and Ethan Allen Interiors (just to name a very few) are nixing stores and jobs. By the thousands.

Talk about equality, seemingly no business sector has been spared.

“Happy Stinkin’ Holidays. Now grab your things. Security will escort you to the door…”

Apparently, it’s going to be a rough fourth quarter, holiday season, 2009 and who know when else. Where does that leave the home office – and the independent small business entrepreneur, the freelancer, the Independent Contractor…? Read More »

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