Podcasting Broadens Home Office, Small Business Media Empire

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November 19th, 2009 No Comments »

Simple Tools & Dedication Make Audio Media Key And Business Boom for Small Business Promoters

As he was preparing to publish his book, The Disciplined Investor, South Florida financial planner Andrew Horowitz was considering ways to promote its arrival.

podcastudioAlready a savvy self-promoter among friends, peers and the media, he wanted to take his guide to investment strategies to the masses. If only he could speak more widely about it, he thought.

Today, Horowitz does just that with podcast. The audio show is recorded 10 days or so and uploaded to the Web. A link is sent to some 3,500 subscribers, and it’s downloaded about 50,000 times a month, he said, making it among the top business and financial planning downloads on iTunes. (To see some of the podcasting tools available, check out this review of Podcastudio or the Samson Zoom H2, a powerful and handy digital micro-recorder that I’ve used with my bands and event recording.)

“It’s like a radio show, but it’s directed to a clear and defined audience,” said Horowitz, who has recorded and uploaded 46 podcasts today from his desk at his Weston, Florida, office. Read More »

Starting Conversations From Your Home Business

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October 27th, 2009 No Comments »

Adam Singer with The Future Buzz doesn’t work from a home office. But he knows the power of “voice” for today’s home-based and small business owners.

In this recent post, Singer discusses the role of conversations as a “starting point” of dialogue. As participation by companies and individuals explodes, social media is fast losing shiny new object syndrome.? Even those who ignore the social web probably realize that at this point social media is not new.

The advantage of being early is probably gone for most industries.? Yet, if you’ve got the right strategy which plays into the fact that many are now participating, you don’t need to be first.? To this, the Chief Home Office adds that for many innovative home officers, “first” is a constantly evolving opportunity.

This leaves more people participating, and that means more potential conversations, more potential subscribers, and more potential paths to set your brand on fire. Read More »

Journalists, Bloggers, and the Fourth Estate

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October 24th, 2009 No Comments »

rick-sanchezOK, so you write a blog.

Or maybe you Tweet.

Your stuff may be about working from home, your home office, some home-based business, telework, or some cottage industry making cheese in rural Vermont.

But are you honest? Are you truthful? Should people trust what you say and come back for more?

Some bloggers-turned-journalists do their work, their reporting, and create killer content.

Yet much of today’s blogosphere commentary is regurgitated stuff from the maw of the ether. Members of the Fourth Estate, they’re not. And when they get it wrong, the manifestation of such may be best summarized by a line from Animal House, sanitized here for your enjoyment: “You screwed up. You trusted me.”

In a world where everyone owns a media channel, I guess that makes us all journalists. But does it…? Read More »

Round-Up: Small Business Accounting Vexes Businesses Large & Home-Based

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August 16th, 2009 2 Comments »

A few observations from a week’s browsing around home office, home-based business and telework topics on the Internet.

contractor-accounting-101-sayruok123-via-flickrcreativecommonsThough it’s the bane of many non-bean counters’ lives, finance and accounting are necessary evils of any business. PCMagazine had a great review of some top, free accounting applications. For the record, I use Quickbooks.

Thursday Bram had an interesting piece on Freelance Switch about Freelancers and Proof of Income. Another necessary evil — and challenging situation — when you want that lender to hand over some scratch for a new house or car. Once you’re up and running, income is easier to earn — and show. But for newcomers, it can be challenging indeed.

Social media sites remail all the rage — but perplexing when they go down or get hit by DOS, or Denial Of Service, attacks. Twitter ( ; ) and Facebook were two such victims recently. Threw the twittosphere and FacebookUniverse into, well, a twitter. Things seem better now — until the next attack. Read More »

Expand the Home Office Brand & Empower Your Twitter Tweets

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July 8th, 2009 No Comments »

twitter2Presidential followers and Michael Jackson fans. Ashton Kutcher and Larry King. Everyone’s on Twitter. You may be, too.

But are you adding anything to the social media conversation? Are your 140 characters bringing value to the twitter stream?

Today, we launch a new concept at @chiefhomeoffice: The Twitter Topic

One tweet per hour over the course of the day focusing on — building on — a single subject. Today’s topic: Preparing for the news media. Here goes… Read More »

Twitter, Video & Your Home Office / Small Business Marketing Strategy

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July 2nd, 2009 No Comments »

Are you including video in your marketing – and social media – strategy? Do you even have a social media strategy?

Listen in as I discuss the once-and-future concept of social media with Jim Blasingame. We explore the technology and tools and simplify social media – and the process of creating and delivering high definition video in your marketing strategy.

We even discuss the future of that thing called Twitter.


10 Ways To Tap Twitter & Boost Your Business

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June 20th, 2009 No Comments »

twitter-for-businessMyspace, Facebook, YouTube… Now Twitter.

What’s a small or home-based business owner to do to grasp the implications and machinations of social media for marketing the business?

Owen Frager forwarded this list from Amy Armitage — the head of Business Development for Lunarpages, a web hosting firm. Amy argues that while Twitter is the latest web-centric communications service to explode onto the scene — with businesses have moved in rapidly — a little discretion is in order: The users of “social” sites and services have demonstrated that they will stomach only so much commercialization of what they consider their personal space.

Your company can benefit from using Twitter — smartly. Remember:

The primary use for it in business is to listen, because, as every top-performing salesman knows, listening is more important than talking most of the time.

You want to hear from every customer, vendor, client, industry leader, journalist, activist, colleague and competitor who has anything to say about your product, service or business — and your competitor.

Here’re? Amy’s 10 great ways to use Twitter to your business’s advantage.

#1. Listen more, talk less: Read More »

Home Office Radio: Pets, Tweets, Clients & Distractions Abound

June 16th, 2009 No Comments »

Another week day, another interview between JZ and Jim Blasingame from Small Business Advocate.

This time, we discuss the rules of behavior that should be established for the family when there is a home-based business under the same roof. Door closed = Leave Me Alone? What about pets? What about when chatting with a corporate exec? We also talk about social media and other micropreneuring topics.

Earlier in the week, I visited with Barbara Weltman with Build Your Business Radio. Some great discussion on launching your small or home business or teleworking.


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