Home Office Highway ’09: Remote Work Tools & a Road Warrior in Prep Mode

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Jeff @ work at the dinette workspace in Home Office Highway 09.

Jeff @ work at the dinette workspace in Home Office Highway ’09.

This article previous appeared on Chief Home Officer. Cloud computing, location independence, the “Anywhere Office…” Whatever it’s known by, remote work done beyond the traditional and home office liberates millions of workers every year. Already, countless teleworkers are untethered to work. And more agile remote work strategies and policies ould free even more to explore boundless opportunities – if they knew and used the tools needed to explore this New Way to Work.

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The Stuff We Pack Makes the Home Office a Mobile Office

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January 30th, 2020 1 Comment »

What's in your travel backpack?

This article originally appeared in 2009… To paraphrase the once-almost-ubiquitous line from a popular credit-card commercial, ‘What’s in your backpack’?’

Whether a family cruise or a two-week road trip, I make sure to pack my backpack with all the essentials needed to create a home office from the road. And with every trip, I find something new to stash in my travel case. I’m sure road warriors and teleworkers go through the same exercise.

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Home Office Round-Up: Tax & Location Independence Day

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June 30th, 2012 1 Comment »

Can you work from the dinette of an RV? Location independence is the New Way to Work.

Can you work from the dinette of an RV? Location independence is the New Way to Work.

Just heard about a great concept: Location Independence.

Sure, this “Digital Nomadry” is really nothing new. Ever since telework took off in the late 1990s and post 9-11, American workers and employers discovered that work is a thing, NOT a place. Location independence is just giving a catchy name to a The Anywhere Office. It could be a beach house on The Jersey Shore, a cottage in the hills of Northern Ontario, or an RV tooling down the Interstate as part of Home Office Highway.

As the people at Freelance Switch discussed recently, freelancers worldwide have long aspired to take their business with them and hit the road.?But planning and prep work are needed to work remotely.

And a fair amount of tech (including my killer new Verizon MiFi broadband wireless adapter) — and IT understanding.

As Lea Woodward discussed, how will you get access to your bank account? How will you keep in touch with clients? How will you get new business? What about cell phones, time zones, internet access, and office equipment? In her session?Build a Location Independent Business Course, Woodward explores location independent work in X Marks The Spot.?Sounds like the stuff of Tim Ferriss in Four Hour Work Week.

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Listen Up: Want to Home Office From Anywhere? Get Your Broadband, a Netbook & a New Way of Looking at Work

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Can you work from anywhere? Home Office Highway sought to explore The Anywhere Office concept – and prove that with the right tools, almost anyone can work from almost anywhere.

Whether you’re a home-business owner or a teleworker, what do you need? Broadband Internet, a computer (laptop or netbook, ideally), and a healthy dose of understanding from family, friends, peers and co-workers.

Click Below to listen in as Jeff is debriefed by Jason and Phil Montero of The Anywhere Office following the summer road show that was Home Office Highway.

Home Office Highway / The Anywhere Office Debrief, No. 1

Learning From a Home Office Two Weeks on the Road

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After two weeks on the road, it’s the simple observations that bring clarity to the home office adventure. Like…

– The Verizon Mifi ‘personal hotspot’ won the day — hands down. It was a true fan favorite and winner of the HOH’09 Product of Choice. Hey, anything that keeps the hoards from beating me up for my Internet connection is worthy of praise. Teleworkers and road warriors alike will find this tool extremely useful.

– Open a bag of animal crackers, and a dog’s nose knows. “Food, food, food…”

– “Yes, Mom, Spaghetti-Ohs make a perfectly suitable breakfast.”

Belkin Clap On Surge Suppressor

Belkin Clap On Surge Suppressor

– Success is in the gadgets you choose. Like the Belkin Clamp On surge suppressor that, well, clamped on to the edge of the bunk and supplied power to all our gadgets (no small feat, given the number of gadgets we employed).

– When plugs aren’t available, old-fashioned cigarette lighters will work. Just the ticket for the Scosche reCoil retractable car charger for iPod and iPhone.

– Netbooks beget adaptors and accessories. And manufacturers are responding. The Targus Netbook Accessory Kit includes a nifty USB hub, a travel mouse and a slip case for netbooks with screens up to 10.1 inches. Read More »

Plan Your Own Home Office Highway – Download Free Brochure From the Tour

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Want to learn how to become a more efficient, productive and fun-loving road warrior? Whether you’re a home officer, a teleworker or a road warrior, you can.

Download the same Brochure that was given away across the South as part of Home Office Highway ‘09. Just click here to download your own copy – where you’ll learn all about netbooks, Mifi personal hotspots, and other tips and insights to help you work wisely from the highway.

You also can download the Home Office Highway ‘08 eBook. The booklet and ebook both include tips and insights on where vocation meets vacation on the open Road. Read More »

Home Office Highway Update: Cloud Working from the Mobile RV

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July 22nd, 2009 1 Comment »
Night surfing with the Verizon MiFi and the MSI U123 netbook.

Night surfing with the Verizon MiFi and the MSI U123 netbook.

A Dispatch from Home Office Highway: Years ago, surfing in public meant first paying $15 an hour for a user ID and password hand-written on a scrap of paper so you could log on to some cyber cafe’s network.

Now, it’s as easy as hitting the MiFi, powering up the netbook — and in less than a minute, you’re up.

This year’s home office highway is shaping up as an exercise in simplified surfing. Last year, setting up a network meant powering up and wiring in a router the size of a cigar box. This year’s “access point” is a business card-sized device that enables five Internet devices — netbooks, laptops, MP3 players, an iTouch — to log on simultaneously. Read More »

Home Office Productivity: Internet Faxing Without the Fax Machine

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fax-copies-by-celine-via-flickr-ccEach year as I prepare to head out on Home Office Highway, I get my email, client payments and banking in order. My clients will know my whereabouts, and I’ll be digitally connected.

But what about the fax? If it’s sitting in my in-tray, it might as well be shipped to Siberia. Ditto if I were a teleworker or road warrior. No fax often means no business.

No longer. Internet fax services and broadband fax machines make faxing as ever-present as email. Internet fax service prices start around $10 a month to send 100 and receive 200 pages a month. Read on as Luc Vezina with Protus’ MyFax Internet fax service discusses how Internet fax services have changed the marketplace.

There is a perception in the business world that faxing long ago went the way of big hair, junk bonds, and other remnants of the ‘80s. Yet, more pages of faxes were sent in 2008 than anytime in history…. Read More »

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