Avoiding Home Office Isolation: So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

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November 5th, 2008 No Comments »

Hey Home Office Caveman, how’s the cave these days? Feeling lonely? Getting cramped and isolated in there?

Then to quote the folks at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, “Get Out There.”

I had a chat with Jim Blasingame recently about how working from a home or small business can lead to isolation, especially given the current economy. Our solutions: Stop reinforcing bad vibes by constantly reading the news, dress for success, dial for newbiz, and take a client to lunch. Click on the link below to learn more.

Sunday Home Office Round-Up: Sunday Blues & Wireless Views

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June 1st, 2008 1 Comment »

What are your Sundays all about? Work, or rest? And does your Internet keep you trapped in a wi-fi cafe — or an isolated existence? This week’s round-up offers an interesting take on some important topics of the day — especially if you find yourself reading work-related Websites on this fine Sunday morning…

What have our Sundays come to? They’re the stuff of work ethic – not the Puritan ethic. This piece from the Gainesville (Florida) Sun looks at how Sundays are no longer days of “blue laws” or days off. They’re filled with work, catch up and chance to make some headway we couldn’t make during the week. Sundays are hardly days of relaxation. And for many, that’s become a vexation to the spirit…

– In another great piece from a good paper, this G’ville Sun piece looks at how isolated we’ve become – even though we think we’re more connected by being online. Said one person interviewed for the article, “Mom and the kids have gone to bed. Dad types on…”As a home officer, I can relate. Yeah, story of my life…

– Want a quote for life and business? Google John Wooden.

– In his effort to offer a place for home office warriors to gather and have conversations about matters dealing with working out of a home office or running a home-based business, Grant Griffiths of Home Office Warrior has launched a presence on FriendFeed. Check it out…

– According to Chris Fernando, setting up a home office can be harder than working in one. Many people who want to start their own business occasionally can’t mentally reconcile the fact that they’re no longer backed up by colleagues, have no support staff, and have countless new dilemmas to deal with — and that can be just in the form of technology. From the PC to printer and accessories, he lays out his experience in a lengthy PC Magazine piece…

– In the quest for the paperless office, there are many things that every home office has, like a phone book, letters, bills, and books. But many of these things do not need to be kept on paper. For example you can find a phone book online at Or online banking or bill pay. Learn more at Home Office Organization.

– A TV commercial making the rounds shows a woman trapped in a coffee shop by wi-fi. She cannot leave – lest she lose her Internet connection. But what broadband wireless service is best out there? Let New York Times tech guy David Pogue review the leaders and offer some quality feedback. Want another example? Read about my excursion on I-26. It was an enlightening moment indeed on a dark and stormy night…

Friday Funnies: 10 Friends in the Home Office

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May 23rd, 2008 2 Comments »

Man in SkivviesThey say those who work from home offices are isolated hermits who dwell in solitude, ache for companionship and thirst for camaraderie. Hogwash!

I have plenty of friends in my home office. Here’s a short list of 10 friends in the home office:

1. The UPS guy, and his pal from DHL, and their friend from FedEx – and Gary, our postman. Props to you, bud!

2. Tim, the tech support guy in the Philippines.

3. Steve, Tim’s supervisor – in India.

4. Alex, the fellow home officer from London, and Grant, Marcia, and others who visit my site and comment on my blog.

5. Anyone who replies to my 4 a.m. emails.

6. Riley — and Frisco, Angel, Bailee and Raisin, neighborhood dogs who’re always ready to run with Riley – wearing him out and helping me focus.

7. My bunny slippers.

8. Those kooks from Head-on (“…apply directly to the forehead”) and that pirate-bedecked loser from “F-R-E-E That-Spells-Free Credit Report dot com, bay-bee” (BTW, it’s NOT free; for the free service, visit the federally-backed site, Annual Credit Report).

9. Ali, Oprah, Ellen, Wolf, Joy, Barbara, Whoopi, Elisabeth and Sherri, Capt. Janeway, 7 of 9, Briscoe, Logan, Schiff, Van Buren and McCoy…

10. My BlackBerry.

The Cult & Culture of the Soloist Home Officer

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May 22nd, 2008 1 Comment »

Bela LugosiI received a call from a client at 745am. Usually, I would be miffed that anyone other than my mother had the nerve to call that early.

But I didn’t have time to rant. Before I knew it, the first call was followed by another client call at 8am. Yet both were trumped by an email received 90 minutes earlier from a third client / friend needing help massaging a press release for an award his start-up received.

Looking past the contrarian nature three new business calls might portend about any recession out there, I have but one question: What is it with soloists, entrepreneurs and home office workers?

Are we part of some Pre-Dawn Cult that works while others actually enjoy their REM – some sort of Nest of Creative Vampires who lurk in darkened dens illumated only by the glow of task lamps and 21-inch plasma screens? What inspires us to work this way, and what motivates us to reach out to brethren we know are up-and-at-’em at our shared insane hour?

It’s not so much a cult as a culture. Read More »

Exile From Main Street: 7 Quick Tips to Avoiding Home Office Isolation

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March 17th, 2008 2 Comments »

McGarrett, Dano, Oprah and?Briscoe are great folks to watch during afternoon TV. But they’re not very?good at helping us avoid the potential isolation of the home office.

Socialization often grinds to a halt when a person heads home to work. Removed from the corporate hive, you rely almost exlusively?on email and phone calls to maintain your “network.” Yet there’s no true warmth, no camaraderie, no eye contact or human touch.

The Ottawa Citizen had a good piece on avoiding isolation in the home officer. Here are another?Seven Quick Tips to?overcoming home office isolation… 306.com彩票账号注册 游戏对战平台排行榜

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