Teleworkers, Self-Employed Set Up the New Home Office

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After three decades in the work-at-home experience, my home office has been a model, functional, and efficient workspace that has evolved as my needs and family have changed. What image do you get of the successful, well-equipped home office for a contract writer or a teleworker? Trust me, my office – and anyone’s home office – is not the stuff of an IKEA Spring catalog. The only prerequisite is that it fits your home, your style, your employment situation – and your creature comfort needs.

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Short on Space? Five Tips That Maximize a Tight Home Office

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November 11th, 2009 No Comments »

Not every home office is in a spacious bedroom with enough square footage for all your stuff. Some are downright tight. To capitalize on the space you have, make the most of idle or ill-used space.

Here are five tips to better space management…
– Go flat and wireless. Whether it’s a flat-panel dispanel monitor, or use of wireless computer accessories like the keyboard or mouse or a cordless desktop phone, today’s tech maximizes space while ensuring function. Moreover, it eliminates unsightly and space-consuming wires. Even a wireless telephone headset can allow you to work away from the workspace.

– Use your walls. Wall-mount accessories, including the phone, computer speakers, task light, flat-panel monitor and even the broadband router or modem, to clear the desktop of required tools. An alternative: Secure monitors or phones on retractable, wall-mounted arms.

– Use your walls, Part II. Pens, pads of paper, pictures and other “stuff” have no place on your desk. They clutter the space and become a gathering spot for dust and allergens. Install a shelf to make a home for the detritus, and clear up your desk space.

– Hide the lights and wiring. Whether it’s beneath shelves or tucked behind cabinets, wiring, outlets and lighting can be hidden from view – while still providing full functionality and access.

– Bury the CPU. Put the computer tower under the desk – preferably in a mounted unit with a door that closes to protect the unit from kids and pets. Make sure to provide ventilation or install a small fan to avoid overheating.
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Smart Home Offices: Green, Open-Source & Stylish

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September 29th, 2009 No Comments »

Ready to turn you your home office into a green, stylish and open-source workspace?

Go Green. Start by curbing paper use and cutting your energy consumption (dress down in summer, bundle up in winter), and buy green-certified home office supplies. This piece looks at ways to be green in the office. This can include recycled materials (like paper and ink / toner cartridges, for example), or even recycling your own. When I have paper to ditch, I cut it in quarters and use it as scrap paper.

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The Value of Home Office Lighting

September 14th, 2009 1 Comment »

Task lights & the glow of monitors brighten the day - and mood.

Task lights & the glow of monitors brighten the day - and mood.

I’m big on lighting — of all kinds, sources, brightness and the lot — in the home office. It sets the mood, encourages productivity, reduces eye strain, and makes the space a more enjoyable place from which to work.

Whether you’re a home officer, a home-based business owner, or a teleworker, lighting has a role.

WebWorkerDaily has a look at lighting. Celine Roque noted a study from the Light Right Consortium that said “People who are more satisfied with their lighting rate the space as more attractive, are happier, and are more comfortable and satisfied with their environment and work.” Roque continued to say that as far as home office improvements go, investing your time on proper lighting seems like it’s worth it.

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High-Tech Meets High-Touch. Is Your Home Office Inspired?

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July 12th, 2009 No Comments »

my-home-office-ii-from-trancemist-via-flickr-ccPeople frequently write about what makes the home office a compelling place to work.

This piece from the network discusses interior designer Janet McCann’s take on the home office. Her goal in designing a home-based workspace is to exceed client dreams. Not just expectations, but dreams.

Seems she’s captured the essence of the purpose of the home office. The space should be a “distinct expression of the owner.” It delivers what John Naisbitt’s best seller Megatrends sold almost two decades ago: The convergence of “high touch” and “high tech” throughout life.

home-office-31-by-tipclapper-via-flickr-cc“This home office is a personal sanctuary, as much about productivity as it is about individual style”, says the designer. Can you say that about your home office?

Does it balance your need for productivity with comforts of the home?

Does it embrace color and light? Does it serve the needs of your body at work and rest, with a desk, and a reading space, and lounging area?

Read on as McCann discusses her design philosophy — and remember, while rich and luxurious might not be your thing (and may outpace your budget), it’s the thinking behind the design that’s important, NOT the cost… Read More »

How Inspired is Your Home Office Space?

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June 18th, 2009 1 Comment »
Author Michael Pollan's writing house in rural New England.

Author Michael Pollan's writing house in rural New England.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a teleworker, your home office has to work for and with you. Does yours?

Minimalist seems to be all the rage. From the home office furniture to simple designs, people are making more of less.

“MKosut” from Flickr shares a view of his Brooklyn Home Office, entitled “Minimized At Night.” The writer apparently has spent a few months figuring out how to scale down many of the things he doesn’t need and keeping his home office very minimal. Read More »

‘Stimulus Package’ Redefined: What Energizes your Home Office?

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May 2nd, 2009 No Comments »

There’s a lot of talk from Washington to Wall Street to Main Street about the effects of the Stimulus Package and how hundreds of billions of dollars will tickle the economy from malaise into action.

I can say that a few hundred billion spent in this home office would tickle a very excited shade of rosy pink.

What about your home office? What stimulates you there? Whether you’re? a home-based business owner or a teleworker, your home office space is your own to infuse with a vibe all its own. Done wisely, you can use furnishings or furniture, art, sound and scents to create a powerfully creative and inspiring place to work.

In mine, I have four elements of stimulation… Read More »

Sunday Home Office Round-Up: Coworking & Feeding The Need (and Home Office Pet)…

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April 12th, 2009 No Comments »

Interesting perspectives on the home office and telework this week.

One thing I’ve learned: Twitter continues to consume more of my brain’s limited capacity at breakneck speed. Some VERY cool information floating around out there from some very cool people. On the flip side, I find myself enjoying Facebook for a reason that’s 180-degrees apart: It’s light and friendly. No heavy lifting, thinking or link-clicking.

Now it’s up to me to balance the two in my (already over-taxed) brain and time clock.

As for news from the week…

WebWorkerDaily had a great piece on the impact of coworking and shared space for UK home officers. Alas, this is just a blip on the U.S. radar screen (telework centers in the DC area or “hotels” and touchdown centers for corporate employess).? Regardless of whether you have a bona fide coworking solution, the lessons remain: Get out there, collaborate with others, share experiences, and be that social and sociable animal you were created to be…

Got Telework? Better make sure they’re provisioned, connected, empowered and smart. Watch this WTV Video to see and learn. Read More »

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