First Time Teleworking? Chief Home Officer Is Your Resource

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The coronavirus pandemic is changing the American and global workplace. Waged workers in the retail, food and beverage, and other customer-facing sectors are feeling the pinch and pain of an American populace on “self-quarantine” as they try to avoid exposure. Then there are white-collar, “information-based” workers who are being told to keep working – but not from the office. For millions, that means telework. If you’ve never worked from home and have no clue where to begin, we can help. Since 1995, Chief Home Officer has been a leading resource to help teleworkers and entrepreneurs learn how to create, implement, and work effectively from a home-based workplace. Surf around, learn, and we’ll get through this together.

Home Office Design Leaves Corporate Trappings Behind

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March 15th, 2020 No Comments »

This article originally appeared in 2001… So you’re a teleworker who escaped the stifling confines of corporate America, where cubicle farms, fluorescent fixtures, muzak, and a dusty silk philodendron on the stair landing were considered suitable environmental and aesthetic accouterments. For Pete’s sake, don’t duplicate this office design hell in the home office.

The home office can be a workspace nirvana. You just have to make it yourself – with no Official Corporate Manual on Acceptable Office Decorations & Ornamentation to hamstring your creativity. After all, this is your space – designed it to stimulate and invigorate your imagination.

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FREE Guide: Design Your Home Office for Efficient Work

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Scroll Down for a FREE downloadable guide to creating your home office. The home office is an interesting place – starting with the name. Whether it’s in a bedroom, the den, a closet or other nook, it’s clearly part of the home – and subject to all the advantages and distractions that come in kind.

But for more than 40 million Americans who work from home – and those forced to telecommute or telework in response to the Coronavirus and COVID-19 – it’s still an office,?a place of business where professionalism and decorum are keys to success.

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Ad Hoc Telework: Past Lessons Guide Future Home Working

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This article originally appeared in 2002. For some, September 11 changed everything. And for others, it changed nothing at all. Some companies have known for years that telework is an effective trump card against natural disasters or other calamities—a way to keep workers working. These days, everybody’s getting it. But don’t wait for a crisis to implement a work at home strategy: We found that companies with some previous telework experience were quicker to find ways to get their employees working again—whether it be at home or some shared space–in the weeks following the terrorist attacks.

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Closet Home Offices: Put Unique Space to Work

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March 9th, 2020 No Comments »

This article originally appeared on in 2007: Martha was one spoiled home-based worker.?For three years, she operated her certified public accounting practice from a spare bedroom in her Boca Raton, Fla.,?home. Though she met with clients off-site, she had ample room for her desk, computer system, paperwork and requisite filing cabinets. But then she moved to a three-bedroom home in nearby?Delray Beach and lost that perk called the “dedicated” home office. What she did have were four closets in her master bedroom, and the creative mind to put two of them to work for her.

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Small Business Branding: The Persistence of Being – and Patience

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February 14th, 2020 No Comments »

As a small business entrepreneur and home-business owner, reality comes into stark relief all around us, if only we’re woke to its presence. It can be downright funny (in a peculiar, if not “ha ha” kinda way) how events can coalesce to bring into clarity something you know exists, but don’t really think about when you’re in the day-to-day of just doing your job.

Yesterday brought about just such a confluence.

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This article originally appeared in 2011… In the 22 years I’ve been a home-based freelance writer, I’ve experienced two economic slumps (around 1992 and the dotcom bomb in 1999) – and one full-blown, butt-kickin’ recession. And I’ve never feared the pink slip. I never went scrambling to the Want Ads, and only once filled out a job application – for a contract gig with a freelance creative network.

For home-based entrepreneurs, this is the subtle, often overlooked, perk of soloing. Home-based entrepreneurs don’t fear being fired, at least in the traditional sense. That’s not to say I’ve breezed through 22 years of business cycles with the detached aloofness of an obtuse, unsympathetic oaf. I’ve freelanced for media who’ve shed the jobs of friends too numerous to count. I’ve had clients fail, or worried as their Accounts?Payable Department coffers have run dry.

I even had one client’s tab tear at my gut as it approached $15,000.

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The Stuff We Pack Makes the Home Office a Mobile Office

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January 30th, 2020 1 Comment »

What's in your travel backpack?

This article originally appeared in 2009… To paraphrase the once-almost-ubiquitous line from a popular credit-card commercial, ‘What’s in your backpack’?’

Whether a family cruise or a two-week road trip, I make sure to pack my backpack with all the essentials needed to create a home office from the road. And with every trip, I find something new to stash in my travel case. I’m sure road warriors and teleworkers go through the same exercise.

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