Savvy (if Reluctant) Home Office Networkers Work the Room With Finesse

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February 17th, 2011 No Comments »

Home officers can be a hermit-like lot. Whether you’re a teleworker or especially a home business owner, the sanctuary of the home office can be a fine alternative to actually heading out. I, for one, don’t necessarily like going out to business or social events. Sure, I’ll network for bizdev, and dress in my Sunday (or Monday) best to land a new account or wow a prospect.

But spending so much time in the home office cave sometimes takes the edge off one’s socializing and networking skills.

Fellow home officer Owen Frager recently had a pithy post on the topic. He wondered aloud, when we hear, “So, Tell Me About Yourself” how do you respond?

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Networking for Business, Leads & the Fun of It

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May 2nd, 2010 No Comments »

Networking ~ whether for the home office or traditional business ~ is the exchange of information and the cultivation of productive and authentic relationships. Many people claim to get their jobs through their networks. Yet it seems too many would rather visit the dentist than go to a networking meeting.

Networking is about cultivating connections and building your Brand You. According to Owen Frager, below are the five excuses used most frequently. Sound familiar?

I’m shy. Join the club. About half?of adults claim they’re shy. But being shy is not necessarily an impediment to being a good networker. Shy people are great listeners and when you let other people do most of the talking, they think you are a great conversationalist. Read More »

Home Office Round-Up: Telework Earns Passing Grades (Surprise!)

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November 23rd, 2008 1 Comment »

Timely (or timeless?) accolades came to the fore in the home office this week, as telework earned a nod as a viable alternative to commuting and a valuable piece of the conservation puzzle.

The Standard had a write-up on The Smart2020 Report revealing that telework (or telecommuting or “CloudWork,” as Plantronics recently coined) ranks highest among various efforts to reduce resource consumption. Catch S2020’s Summary here. Then craft a proposal to pitch telework in your workplace.

In that bit on Plantronics, they fielded a survey and contest to rename telework. Check it out.

Gartner Analyst Nick Jones wondered whether to plan a telepresence in his home office. I have one response: Do it now, while it’s unrushed, or do it later — when a client, boss or corporate mandate compels you to. The telepresence — a Webcam with audio and video conferencing capabilities — will become the norm in short order. (Note to self: Clean the mess in the background…)

Lest we older folk mistakenly believe that telework is all about us — or anyone born after 1978, I stumbled across TeleTwenties. A bit unpolished, but cool insights nonetheless from a turk from the younger generation. Worth a read – no matter when you were born.

And in a fit of branding genius, or more of a marketing “Like-Duh!” Epiphany, Jeff Zbar (I) rebranded his (my) Twitter feed to ChiefHomeOffice (No R, only 15 characters allowed). Might as well keep the brands consistent…

Home Office Tribes, Passions, SEO & Becoming Your Own ‘Me Inc. Brand Evangelist’?

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November 13th, 2008 No Comments »

Marketing provocateur and domainer extraordinaire Owen Frager had a great ezine this week on managing your company or personal brand — and its relevance stretched from the corporate office to the home office, the teleworker to the road warrior…

The premise: If you own a company, be your own brand evangelist. If you hire people, only hire those who become extensions of your brand evangelism (and hire those in key positions for the 21st Century – Community Organizers, Stats Fiends, and Managers of Freelancers).

If you’re an independent contractor, a freelancer — or if you think like an entrepreneur (even though you may be an employee somewhere), the “Brand You” has never been more relevant. Competition is keen. As Tom Peters wrote in Fast Company magazine in 1997, “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. It’s that simple — and that hard. And that inescapable.”

“You have to stand out if you want to move up.”

Here’s Owen’s take… Read More »

JM 1099: Freelance Journalism in the Age of the Internet

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October 14th, 2008 2 Comments »

As a member of the University of Florida Journalism Advisory Council (Go Gators!), I help guide curriculum for today’s journalism student and tomorrow’s journalist. This week, I depart the home office to present on the State of the Your Career to once-and-future journalists.

My Advice: Expect the unexpected. And check your timidity at the door.

My Statement: Journalism grads will emerge into a job market in flux. Opps are scarce; competition is keen from fellow journalists jettisoned by cost-cutting, and bloggers who think they’re journalists. Your edge: Web 2.0 know-how, mental agility and multitasking prowess. And the vigor of youth! Maintain your reporting skills. Envision work in print, online and media undiscovered. Be an entrepreneur. Think beyond what your profs – and expectations – tell you your career will be. Welcome to your new career…

Your Mantra: The Successful either are entrepreneurs, or they think like them.

My Outline: Read More »

Creating Clarity in Your Home Office Brand Message

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August 16th, 2008 No Comments »

What does your home-business brand stand for — and how do you advance your brand value?

How can you capitalize on everyday lessons and experiences and convert them into your own lessons learned? Listen in as I discuss this, and an array of other unrelated topics (as is usually the case) with Jim Blasingame.

Trust me, we’ll “lurch uncontrollably back to the truth”….

The key take-away: Don’t confuse your customers. Keep that in mind, and you’ll win the customer service and brand messaging battle…

Tattoo You. What Word Describes You? What Would Replace It?

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April 8th, 2008 No Comments »

Suburban OblivionWhen was the last time a single word made you think?

I found an interesting query on SuburbanOblivion today. Sara, the Queen of Oblivia?, writes on suburban — nay, universal — mom stuff (dare I add “Dad”?). Her post asked: If you were to get a one-word tattoo, what would that one word be?

Stop. Think about it. If you were to put your life or life’s philosophy into a single word or symbol, what would it be? Given its permanance, it’s kind of like a living epitaph…. 亿发彩团队 游戏对战平台排行榜

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