WHY You Work From a Home Office

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July 2nd, 2012 1 Comment »


If you’re a home officer, did you ever stop to ask yourself WHY you work from a home office?

Why you tolerate the crazy kids and the indefatigable demands and clammoring clients? I think about it all the time — and I never look back and wonder. But I do look back IN wonder, and amazement, and awe, and appreciation, at that decision Robbie and I made — together — almost 23 years ago to make a go of this home-based gig.

We just celebrated 24 years of marriage (ironically, the day before Independence Day). In January, we’ll celebrate the 23rd birthday of my home office (TRUE Independent’s Day for this affirmed 1099er). Read my WHY Chromosome column (no, that isn’t me and those aren’t my kids in the picture) in this issue of WHY Magazine to get a glimple of why this dad changed the tune from that sung by his father a generation previously and never looked back.

Except in amazement and gratitude…

It’s December Already! Take Stock in Your Home Office & Life

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December 2nd, 2008 2 Comments »

It’s December already.

For many people, that simple statement would suffice as the day’s food for thought and comprise the entirety of a blog entry – or thrust folks into a fetal position, rocking in worry and wonder as to where it’s all gone.

Three words as a shocking realization regarding the passage of time – and how we’ve maximized, squandered or pondered it.

But December is an ideal chance for people to take stock in what they’ve accomplished in the past year, and what they hope to achieve for the year ahead. Are you ready for some honest introspection?

During a discussion I moderated last night on Owen Frager’s Gratitude Series, guest speaker and successful domain professional Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds Ph.D. discussed how to turn domains into successes, and lives into events worth living. “Can you rest your head on a pillow and say, ‘I did a good job today…?'”

So grab a piece of paper or open a clean Word or Open-Office doc, and take notes – and take stock… Read More »

Sunday Home Office Round-Up: Obama as the ‘Telework President’

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November 9th, 2008 1 Comment »

This was a momentous week in American history and the possible future of business, but not necessarily for the reasons you may suspect.

Apparently, in his fast-paced move to build a transitional team and start laying the groundwork for his administration, President-Elect Barack Obama has placed emphasis on telework.

That will be a tectonic shift indeed. Telework at the federal level has been a very grassroots endeavor. The Office of Personnel Management has had some efforts, as have some organizations as the Department of Energy, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and several others. They’ve strived to keep as many valued employees as possible outside the beltway or other government offices, whether they’re relocated to a home office or a telework office in the suburbs.

Here’s hoping an Obama Administration truly backs government telework. For that will go a long way to foster corporate acceptance of the concept, and really propel the concept to the forefront of the national consciousness. Noted Chuck Wilsker, president of The Telework Coalition, a Washington think-tank on telecommuting and alternative officing, “How about some government incentives to encourage telework on the private sector?? Sometimes it’s just dangling a carrot that gets movement.? After all, the private sector is so large that a small increase in the percent of teleworkers could have a very large effect on both the economy and environment.”

Among other news… Read More »

Sailing the Seas & Working (As If) From Home

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October 25th, 2008 No Comments »

Writing today from the deck of Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas. The sun is shining, not a tropical disturbance in sight. The coffee’s hot, and the gaudy tourists haven’t yet emerged from their post-midnight-buffet-engorgement buffet.

Just me, my wifi, my coffee and the open deck. It’s a beautiful experience.

Talk about global relations, I’ll visit Key West during Fantasy Fest, where we’ll see all sorts of alien species, and we’ll travel so close to Cuba that, like Gov. Palin and Russia, I’ll be able to see it from my front porch (does that qualify me to negotiate international treaties and be veep? Just wondering…)

Life is about work and pleasure. Balance is about juggling the two and finding compatibility. Success means doing so without hindering family time, or blowing client deadlines. Alas, it remains a work in progress…

On Mondays in the Home Office…

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August 18th, 2008 No Comments »

I used to sweat Sunday nights. I’d toss and turn, fretting about deadlines looming in the week ahead. Monday.

Damn you, Monday. Damn you! You vex my spirit. You curse my soul. You rob me of my Sunday night sleep, and harken me to rise before the birds, the sun, even the donut guy, to start on my work.

Your threats, nay, demands for deliverables worry me endlessly how I’ll ever get done what need be done. Read More »

Three Tips On Kids, Hoagies and The Home Office Time Warp…

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March 30th, 2008 1 Comment »

Work at Home Dad Home Office TeleworkGot kids in your home office? Live it up — and to heck with the world outside. That’s what I do. Just ask George…

I often tell the tale of Nicole, Romeo and Jim. It’s 1992 or so. I’m sitting in my home office, our infant daughter, Nicole, is asleep on her playmat spread on the carpeted floor behind me (I never was one for such “conventions” as kids MUST sleep in their cribs when Daddy works from home. Talk about Take Your Child To Work Day…)

So one day (every day, actually), the mail comes, sends the dog, Romeo, into a barking tizzy, which wakes Nicole — and leaves Jim, the exec I’m interviewing by phone at that moment, in a tizzy of his own about “how unprofessional” it is to work from home and have kids and dogs and chaos unfettered in the background.

I’m unprofessional? He’s a jerk. I had what I needed anyway. Conversation’s over.

Fast-forward 15 or so years. That infant now drives. We have a new dog, one who barks even more than Romeo, and our youngest daughter, 10, is well-attuned to my needs as a home officer and her responsibilities as the child of one. Read More »

Sleep: A Many Splendored – And Productive – State of Being

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March 29th, 2008 1 Comment »

More than half of small businesses claim that work has become part of their dreams. This stat — from?Staples National Small Business Survey —?sheds light on?what keeps today’s entrepreneur up nights.

Many business owners claim sleep is sullied by typical woes related to typical business: cash flow, inconsistent work cycles, too few projects, too much work to reasonably deliver. It’s a cycle that not only keeps us up nights, but it can be never ending.

I was interviewed by a national pub this week talking about my relative success as a writer and speaker. I noted, though, that Sundays remain lousy nights for my sleep. I fear my looming deadlines. I wonder how I’ll ever deliver. I worry about receivables and cash flow and business development and…

… and you know what? It all gets delivered, done and handled.

But still, according to the stats, 51% of those surveyed said that they “sleepwork” (meaning they?dream about work), and?some seven in 10 of?“sleepworkers” say they?often wake up and put their “work dreams” to action. Talk about making your dreams?come true…? Read More »

What Planet Are You in the Home Office Universe?

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March 28th, 2008 1 Comment »

I was speaking with an exec at Plantronics, the headset company, recently when she commented on her perception of today’s “home office” worker.

They’re not necessarily home-business owners. They’re not just teleworkers. They’re not moonlighters and eBayers who sell stuff on the weekends from a home office. And they’re not “day extenders” who bring home a briefcase from their day job to log on nights and weekends so they can get just a little more work done — stuff they couldn’t do from 9-5 or even 8-6.

No, she said, they’re ALL of those. And they’re none of those, too. It seems the home office universe has another planet — one whose inhabitants are seeking work/life balance (what I call work/life compatability), as they juggle the constant demands of life, work, kids, and daily chaos… Read More »

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