Home Office Highway ’09: Remote Work Tools & a Road Warrior in Prep Mode

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Jeff @ work at the dinette workspace in Home Office Highway 09.

Jeff @ work at the dinette workspace in Home Office Highway ’09.

This article previous appeared on Chief Home Officer. Cloud computing, location independence, the “Anywhere Office…” Whatever it’s known by, remote work done beyond the traditional and home office liberates millions of workers every year. Already, countless teleworkers are untethered to work. And more agile remote work strategies and policies ould free even more to explore boundless opportunities – if they knew and used the tools needed to explore this New Way to Work.

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Telework’s Secret: Freedom, VPN Eek Out More Labor

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March 25th, 2020 No Comments »

Image Courtesy FentressI was talking to a client recently who was sharing details about her new work-at-home telework experience. She’s a long-time, corporate employee accustomed to an hour’s commute to work each way each day. Now that she’s working from home,?she finds she’s ready for her day each morning about the same time as when she’d be leaving for the office.

Only, she faces no commute.?So she’s at her desk around 8 am. Her lunches now are quicker than the hour-long lunch she’d normally take with coworkers. And her day now ends about the same time as she’d get home from the office, or about 7:30 pm.

Where are those two to three hours each day going? Straight into the employers’ time clock. And researchers have discovered, she’s not alone.

We’re gonna let you in on something. It’s considered one of the best-kept secrets among telework managers: Their employees will work longer hours than they do in the corporate office.

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Guest Tips for Homeworking with Kids in the Corona Age

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March 24th, 2020 No Comments »

Teleworking with kids underfoot has become a global phenomenon. In this guest column, psychotherapist?Noel McDermott?reminds us that under normal circumstances if your staff were working from home, as an employer or HR Manager you wouldn’t be getting involved in how they are doing in their other job – as parents. But these are anything but normal times, these are corona times and the rules have changed.

Staff are working from home under extraordinary circumstances with fears and pressures including having their kids to care of while working for you. Their children themselves are worried and confused and need extra help and support. Kids have overnight lost their freedom, their friends, their structure and daily activities. Your staff may well be caught like a deer in the headlights. Below, McDermott offers?advice?HR managers can pass onto staff?to help them become resourceful adults up to the challenges life throws at them.

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ChiefHomeOfficer Offers Top Telework Tips on WPLG10 Miami

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March 23rd, 2020 No Comments »

Jeff Zbar, the Chief Home Officer, appeared on WPLG TV 10 in Miami / Fort Lauderdale this weekend to offer three minutes of tips to first-time home office workers forced to telework. Take a look and share any tips you would add to the list (keep in mind it was a three-minute hit, and the discussion could have gone on for hours). Keep the conversation going on the ChiefHomeOfficer Facebook. Stay safe. Telework smart. We’ll get through this!

Must-Have Tools for Home Office Telework Preppers

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The novel coronavirus might seem to many end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it preppers to be the event they’ve been (ahem) prepping for. For the rest of us who are white-collar nomads jettisoned from the corporate office and told to telework from a home office, we’re not as concerned about duct tape, multi-purpose tools, and freeze-dried food as we are the creature comforts of a well-equipped home office.

That’s not to say at least two weeks of food (and toilet paper?) remain at the top of many experts’ lists as we seemingly head toward a national lock-down. But as long as Internet service remains operational, we must find a way to be productive from this new workplace.

So if you were a home-based telework prepper, what would you need to get your work done?


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Free Telework Webinar Today (3/20)

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March 20th, 2020 No Comments »

Are you one of millions of America sent home to work from an all-new workplace – the home office? With Coronavirus making teleworking the solution of choice, how can first-time home officers ensure they’re comfortable, efficient, connected, and productive? Join Jeff Zbar and author Jay Berkowitz on a Free “Working From Home Webinar” today (March 20) at noon Eastern ( We’ll also provide a free downloadable Home Office Design booklet. #workingfromhome #homeoffice #webinar #telework #telecommuting

Hermit or Socialite? Teleworkers’ Habits

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This article appeared previously on ChiefHomeOfficer. It’s every reluctant telework manager’s worst nightmare: The telecommuter heads home to work, rarely to be seen again.?While the work may come in on time, face time has gone AWOL. How does that bode for the worker’s place on the team – and the team’s camaraderie? Is this any way to work?

To be sure, regardless of face-time, productivity should remain the essential performance measurement of the teleworker. Most teleworkers spend some time in the corporate office. They mingle with coworkers, clients and managers, and partake in the camaraderie of the traditional work setting. Yet, those teleworkers who work from homes distant from the corporate office or remote work sites full time often relish the solidarity. They avoid the distractions and water cooler chat common to the corporate office, and instead focus on work – and home life.?But are they hermits or recluses who shun the office? Are they hermits at all, or just corporate soloists who thrive on their own?

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4 Tips for First-Time Teleworkers

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March 19th, 2020 No Comments »

If coronavirus has you teleworking for the first time, try these power four tips: Claim your space (the more private and quiet – and away from the family hustle – the better); Make a schedule (when you’ll log in and log out – and take breaks throughout the day); think ergonomics (your chair and desk matter – bad posture can be a lasting affliction); and stay connected (tech aside, stay plugged in with your team to avoid isolation, especially if we’re in this for the long haul).

Bonus Tip: Join Me Friday (March 20 at noon ET) for a Working From Home Webinar. We’ll share scores more tips.

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