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July 30th, 2015 No Comments »

We’ve all heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. But what can the children’s story tell us about making technology purchasing decisions for the home office or home-based business? We need to find the phone, laptop, printer and other technology that Baby Bear would say is “just right.”

The challenge we all face is how to determine what works best for our environment. Products that are too big, too difficult to use, or the alternate — too small, cheap or without business functionality — will ultimately hamper productivity and growth.

When I first started out, I struggled with what IT was necessary to help me be more productive. I used a handheld phone all day, kept a paper ledger for my billings and generally threw money down the drain by not investing in technology that would help boost productivity.

I recently spoke with fellow business owner Geoffrey Gray. We each discovered we weren’t alone in lamenting small biz tech issues.

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7 Tips, Gut Check for New Entrepreneurs: Do You Have the DNA – And Stamina?

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February 21st, 2011 No Comments »

To become a soloist, a home office entrepreneur, a 1099er or some other independent worker in today’s market requires a peek into your DNA – and your gut. Do you have the traits needed to quit your day job — or quit searching for your next day job – to hang your own shingle? If so, and once you’ve hung that shingle, do you have the intestinal fortitude to survive the roller coaster that soloing invariable is?

Domain industry pioneer Michael Mann (by way of social media and internet marketing thinker Owen Frager) has a few gems of advice for those of you wondering about the former — and the rest of us who endure the latter every day…

Let’s face it: Working for someone else is a great way to get started in the business world, but it is not where an entrepreneur with lofty goals will want to remain. If you’re tired of being just another cog, and you crave a sense of personal fulfillment and long-term passion, then it might be time to take the plunge.

Here are seven signs you should quit your job and start your own business.

You’re Extremely Confident.?To be a truly successful entrepreneur, there can never be any doubt in your mind that you will accomplish your goals, even if you must occasionally alter your plans or refine your targets. Your success is as much a matter of your belief in yourself as it is of the skills you will develop on your journey.

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Sun on My Back, Office in My Home

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July 22nd, 2010 1 Comment »

As I stepped outside today to fetch the mail – no shoes, no shirt, Stella slippin’ out the door just as it opened – I thought for a moment about the lifestyle working from a home office has allowed me to lead. I guess this is what they call being a ‘lifestyle entrepreneur.’

I walked to the curb in the summer heat and browsed through the mail; no checks, no bills – a wash for any entrepreneur. The sun was warming my back, cooled all morning by the largesse of the AC in my home office.?It felt damn good.

I paused. This is one heluva life we’ve carved out here – myself and 20 million other American home-based entrepreneurs. It’s 95% a lifestyle play, 5% because I’m a cheap S.O.B. who wouldn’t want to absorb the overhead of moving my home-based enterprise into some corporate digs.

And why should I anyway? What can I accomplish in a corporate trap that I cannot do in my home office? Read More »

U.K.-based Home Offices & Telework Get Nod in Remote Work Awards

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September 11th, 2009 2 Comments »

Remote Worker Awards highlight how remote, home working and telework benefits the environment, productivity and quality of life.

Remote Employment, the website for flexible and home-based jobs, today announced the winners of the Remote Worker Awards 2009 in association with BT Business.

Chief Home Officer was the only U.S.-based judge for this event, reviewing scores of applications to help determine the winners.

The Remote Worker Awards recognise the achievements of people who work from home or remotely and their employers. Remote and home working can provide benefits not available to traditional place-of-work employment. Read More »

20 Years Hence: Welcome to the Once-And-Future Home Office

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February 12th, 2009 No Comments »

man-with-yy-tshirtxTwenty years ago this month, I began working from home.

I quit my job, powered up the Apple IIc, and hung my shingle as a freelance journalist.

I wasn’t on to some big movement, some tectonic shift in the U.S. workplace landscape.

I was just a dumb, 24-year-old, two-years-outta-J-school DINK (double-income, no kids) guy, with a supportive wife who was nonethewiser about what we were getting into.

So I quit.

And I wrote stories

Without use of the Internet, Google, email or cell phones.

Just me, my Apple, a dot matrix printer and a fax machine.

And here I am, 20 years and three kids? later, still working from home.

What have I learned in the intervening 20 years? Read More »

Tucson Domainer Digs Home Office

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November 28th, 2008 1 Comment »

Chuck Block is a home office pioneer.

He was a part-time teleworker for the better part of two decades, and a corporate exec who shuttled between corporate and home offices – often by jet.

Today, Chuck is a married father of two and a home-based entrepreneur, working from Tucson, Arizona, where he runs Southwest Domains LLC (SouthwestDomains), a Website domain holding, investment and development company that currently owns 2,600 domains. His specialties: Turning city names like PhoenixTimeShare, PhoenixBankruptcyAttorney, TucsonSearch, and Arizonagolftrips into city directory sites, and building out, a Jewish social networking site. He actually owns several Yiddish sites. Read More »

Home Office Pioneers: Marisa Trevi?o of Latina Lista

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September 7th, 2008 No Comments »

This is the second installment of Home Office Pioneers, a look at some of the people who have helped shape the once-and-future home office arena. We ask a set list of questions, and gather and share their thoughts.

This time: Marisa Trevi?o. Marisa began working from her home office in the Dallas suburb of Rowlett, Texas, in 1993. The married mother of two adult kids (26 and 23) and founder of TodaMedia, Trevi?o no doubt knows the trials and tribulations of home office parenthood, as well as the success that comes from working beyond the corporate tower downtown. From the ‘burbs, Marisa runs Latina Lista, a popular Hispanic social and political blog.

Why did you start working from home…? Read More »

Home Office Pioneers: Neal Zimmerman. Designing the Multi-Functional Oasis at Home

Home Office Pioneers
July 15th, 2008 No Comments »

Neal Zimmerman\'s Home OfficeThis is the first installment of Home Office Pioneers, a look at some of the people who have helped shape the once-and-future home office arena. We’ll ask them a set list of questions, and gather and share their thoughts.

First up: Neal Zimmerman. As principal of Neal Zimmerman and Associates, Neal not only has been at the forefront of the home office scene, but he personally has helped shape the market as a leading architect and designer focused on the home-based workspace.

City: West Hartford, Connecticut

Year started working from home: 1994. m5体彩手机登录 游戏对战平台排行榜

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