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April 24th, 2019 No Comments »

Twenty-four years spent working from home, and today I had my first batch of Ramen noodles. Along the way, I’ve hit a few other milestones and had a few epiphanies. For you teleworkers out there, these may not apply – especially if you work for Yahoo! But here are 11 that come to mind. Have any to add? Reply to share your experiences or realizations.

– Ramen Noodles for lunch (not because they’re cheap, but because they’re easy. As Pumba said, “Slimy, yet satisfying…’)

– A kid crying in the background during a client call

– A dog barking during a conference call (and by ignoring it, effectively passing it off as coming from the home office of someone else on the call)

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The Demons That Dwell in the Indie Mind: Managing Workflow in the Successful 1099 Business

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March 30th, 2015 No Comments »

Once upon a time in the working life of this home-based 1099er writer, I would lie awake nights dreading the source of my next assignment. Sometimes, pickin’s were slim and I wondered where gigs would come from. Then, somewhere or some time along the way, work became bountiful (thank G-d), and my worry had transformed from “Where?” to “How?,” as in, “How would I ever deliver the workflow piling up on my whiteboard?”

My nemesis wasn’t / isn’t so much time management as time availability. Sometimes, it seems, one of me just isn’t enough to deliver all the work. As a marcom exec once answered in response by my annual Advertising & Marketing column on “What I want for the holidays”: “A clone, with insomnia.”

Soon, I came to find solace in the weekends. Not so much the band Loverboy’s “Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend,” as in some great escape. But the weekend, as in, “Two days of silent phones and a quiet inbox to I can get stuff done.” Sort of a new spin on David Allen’s mantra of the personal and professional productivity set.

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Twitter-Over-Kill in the Home Office

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January 13th, 2009 1 Comment »

Now here’s a techno-geek with far too much time on his home office hands.

I have no problem doing chores in the home-based work space. And I have my own alarm when the spin cycle’s spun: I wait for my wife to yell at me to fetch it. So much more efficient. Don’t even need a broadband connection.


One Simple New Year’s Resolution in the Home Office: Finish (Or Not)

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December 31st, 2008 No Comments »

What were your New Year’s resolutions last year?

And the year before that?

And in 2001? Or a decade ago? Or as a 10 year old?

Do you remember? Do you even care?

Like buying a $3.99 card for someone’s birthday instead of penning a thoughtful note, we’ve been trained to believe certain truths are self-evident: Moms and wives want store-bought flowers and cards, if kids whine enough, they get what they want, and any responsible, sentient being makes resolutions on January 1, regardless of how much he or she promise to keep them.


“Time has no divisions to mark its passage,” Thomas Mann once noted. “There is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.”

Think hyenas or hamsters note the New Year saying, “I’m going to take over the savanna,” or “I’m going to craft a sinister plan to escape the grasp of my pesky 11-year-old human”?

So here are my Top 10 Non-Resolutions in the Home Office: Read More »

What’s Your Passion…?

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December 27th, 2008 No Comments »

You gotta escape the home office sometimes.

For me, my release comes with I play with my two bands (and then use killer freeware and open-source apps like Google’s Picasa to create collages, to stream and record videos of the sessions, Audacity to edit session recordings into individual songs, and then WordPress to insert the media player below to stream the Allman Bros’? One Way Out as performed by Hybrid and sung by the Chief Home Officer).


Man and woman don’t live by work alone. What’s your passion?

Home Office Lament: Barack Obama Throngs Left to Wander

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November 10th, 2008 No Comments »

It was a long campaign, reaching back more than 20 months, touching millions of Americans, and consuming countless man-hours of productivity from home office workers and others hoping to help foster change — or at least to not lose out on the minute’s latest “Poll of Polls” figures on Barack Obama, John McCain, Bill Clinton and Oprah.

What are we doing to do now that the endless emails have stopped? Groundbreaking news site The Onion has a report.

If you watch only ONE more video about the election, the run-up to the election, the election results, the post-election analysis, or how to make guacamole, make sure it’s this one…

Now, get back to work (but not before watching the teaser and reading the on-screen graphics at the end – The Onion could take the place of all those emails you’ve grown accustomed to receiving…)

Happy Home Office Halloween

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October 31st, 2008 No Comments »

So the FedEx guy arrives at 730am today, and I answer the door dressed for work.

“Gotcha still in your bathrobe!” he boasts.

“No big deal,” I reply. “I work from home. Catch me this afternoon, and I’ll still be in my bathrobe.” We share a laugh.

Besides, it’s Halloween. I’m going as The Chief Home Officer.

All you home officers, teleworkers, 1099’ers, soloists, entrepreneurs, suburbanites & downtown dwellers, telecommuters, road warriors, enjoy the day.

Trick or Treat!

A Home Office (or Not) on the High Seas

Home Office Nonsense
October 26th, 2008 1 Comment »

Sitting on Deck Six aboard Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas, Nicole is immersed in Twilight, the first in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire / fantasy series.

We’ve been at sea for four days, headed home tomorrow. I had all the tools to work from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, except one key ingredient: The Spirit.

I’ve long been chided for working from vacation. Heck, Home Office Highway was all about working while on vacation, or taking, as I coined it, a “workation.”

But this time, I needed no motivation. I got so caught up in relaxation and fun that I decided to avoid work altogether. Read More »

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